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Angi Reviews - Testimonials

Fixed my outdoor power source to my sprinkler irrigation system and bathroom GCFI socket.
I explained to Sean all I had done before calling, checked the house’s circuit breakers, trouble shot the irrigation system’s controller, and replaced the bathroom’s GCFI socket to no avail. He suggested I first locate the other GCFI sockets within the house and reset them to see if that will correct the problem before he came out. His suggestion worked and immediately called Sean back to thank him and saving me the cost a of service call.


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Yelp Reviews - Testimonials

I can’t believe how helpful Sean was! I called with an issue I was having with a GFCI outlet. I tried some basic steps and replaced the outlet, but I reached the limits of my knowledge…so I called to schedule an appointment that would no doubt cost a bit to even get a person to come to my house.
Sean listened to my issue and what I did so far. He then suggested I go to a gfci outlet in the adjacent room and try resetting those.. Boom that fixed it!
He could have remained silent and charged me a few hundred to come and press a button, but he didn’t. Seriously, this is now my go to for all future electrical issues!


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Home Advisor Reviews - Testimonials

Very professional and able to speak about the project. Their pricing was great and they finished on time. Ready to hire them again.

Rich M.

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