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About Target Electric - Residential & Commercial Electrician

We are a family owned and operated company based in the heart of beautiful San Diego California since 2009. We deliver unmatched electrical service and installations for commercial or residential power, lighting, voice, data, fire alarms and other related applications. Emphasizing on the principals of quality and customer commitment Target Electric is capable of handling all phases of electrical construction, connectivity and communications.


Our Goal is to service our local business and community to make it safer and more efficient place to live in. So many times we have seen out dated equipment and lighting or power applications that can not only drain your personal finances but pose major fire or safety hazards to our persons. Here at Target Electric we know NEC regulations and target those stringent codes to make our community a safer place.


We continue to enjoy the loyalty and fellowship of the many customers we have had over the years. We appreciate these relationships and strive to continue to provide exceptional service for each and every one of Our Customers!

Sincerely Target Electric Enterprises Inc.

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